Services keyed to your success

Its easy to understand how the financial side of your business can loom larger than it should, but you don't have to go it alone. There are decisions to be made at almost every tax stage, from start-up to expansion, and our support staff can help to find answers to most bookkeeping and general business questions you have, from business numbers for HST to guiding you to informative websites and phone numbers. Our staff can provide information on the Simply Accounting and Quickbooks Online systems, when to send in documentation and knows when every deadline is due.

Tax planning: save your money

You want to pay the fewest taxes as allowed by law. It's not a matter of filling out the forms correctly. It's a matter of understanding the letter of the law and the implications of the rules.  

To keep the greatest number of your hard earned dollars, you need to carefully review with us your income and tax situations long before the end of the year. By having your books up-to-date on an ongoing basis and meeting with us during the middle part of your fiscal year, we can work with you to determine what strategies can be implemented before year end to minimize your taxes.

We take the burden of dealing with the tax authorities, including audits and appeals, where necessary off your shoulders.

Preparing your documentation and guiding you through the process is all part of the package.

Financing: find the money you need

When you're planning for an acquisition or expanding your existing practice and you require financing, we can help you find the best sources of financing. We will also work with you to gain the most beneficial terms.

When it's to your benefit, we can act as your liaison with financial institutions, provide them your financial information and negotiate on your behalf.

Valuations: buying or selling a business

Whether you're planning to purchase or sell a practice, you can rely on our valuation and due diligence experience in the health care field. It's important to be sure that the price you obtain is fair and that the financial information provided is thoroughly reviewed.

If you're considering selling your practice, we will recommend and advise you on how to prepare the practice for sale to receive the maximum price. Having a professionally prepared valuation and the necessary due diligence documents greatly smooths the way in any sale situation.

If you're looking to acquire a practice, we can help you obtain the necessary financing, perform a professional valuation and due diligence and aid you in negotiating the best price.

Business start ups: get started on the right footing

If you're contemplating starting up a practice, a firm financial footing often makes the difference between thriving and failing. Over 80% of start-ups fail in the first five years, most do to financing issues. Often avoidable issues.

Consulting: profitable advice

If you need to know if your business is running on an efficient footing, we can work with you to analyze it.

Tax Returns:  save your time and do it right

Taxes aren't cut and dried. No temporary worker, following boxes on a screen, understands what a health care practice is about, and what you are legally entitled to.

Accounting: you're covered when and how you need

The accounting services we can provide you encompasses the entire realm of financial record keeping.