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Here are some of the articles we've published and some that others have published. More will be added as they occur.

Due Diligence

What type of information will prepare you to accept,reject or renegotiate a transaction with confidence?

Financial Survival in the New Economy

Applying a business approach to ensure the success of your practice.

Acquiring Assets Through the Purchase of a Practice

What should be included in the transfer of a practice, and just as importantly, what constraints do the parties have in dealing with assets of the practice?

GST and Assessments

Canada Revenue’s Confusing New Policy.

Accounting for the Transition

Part ten of a series on buying and selling a practice.

The Millennium Bug

While now history, when Ernie was warning readers about the Y2K problem, it was considered a remote issue. By being prepared, Ernie's clients suffered no ill-effects.


Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Notice 226 November 13, 2007 Proposed GST/HST Rate Reductions in 2008

2007 Economic Statement by the Department of Finance October 30, 2007 - Broad-Based Tax Reductions for Canadians 

News Release Department of Finance November 21, 2007 - Government of Canada Is Reducing Taxes to Lowest Level in 50 Years

News Release Department of Finance September 21, 2007 - Canada’s New Government Signs Protocol to the Canada-U.S Tax Treaty for the Benefit of Canadians

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