Getting finance for your venture

Whether you want to expand your practice, buy an existing practice or set up a new practice, financing is central to your success.

When you're looking for financing, it's helpful to have someone on your side that has contacts at banks and other financial institutions as well as leasing companies.

We know what documentation the institutions are looking for and can anticipate their requests as well as any issues they may have with your information.

By using our knowledge of the borrowing process, you can quickly find out your eligibility for financing.

When you approach a financial institution with a professionally prepared business plan along with detailed income and cash flow projections you are much more likely to obtain the financing you require.

We are also in a position to assist you in your negotiations with the financiers, resulting in better terms and minimized security requirements.

Financing Case Study


A new chiropractor, only 6 months in practice as an associate, was in a position to acquire the practice where she worked. Unfortunately, she had significant student loan debt.


We performed a valuation of the practice, determined the appropriate purchase price and did projected financial statements, all of which were submitted to two financial institutions. We also advised her that she would need a guarantor to close the deal.


She succeeded in obtained financing and is now operating her own successful clinic.

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