The accounting services we can provide you encompasses the entire realm of financial record keeping.

Your Bookkeeping

If you don't do your own bookkeeping services our staff will keep your books in order using Simply Accounting software.

If you want to do your own books, we can help you set them up efficiently, and train you on Simply Accounting, QuickBooks or Business Vision.

We will help you understand and obtain all of the appropriate information required for a useful set of books.

Preparing Your Financial Statements

We prepare your business’ financial statements based on the books prepared by yourself or us.

We help you work through the implications of your financial statement as it relates to taxes.

Financial statements are used to determine taxable income and taxes payable. Our goal is to minimize the income tax you pay to the minimum required. For more information on tax planning, visit this page.

Financing Your Practice

Your financial statements are necessary for banks and other financial institutions to determine your qualification for financing. (Loans both business and personal, mortgages, as well as vehicle and other leases.)

There is a balancing act required here: In order to minimize your income taxes, you must have a lower income. However, in order to qualify for higher financing levels, your need higher income.

We help you work through the implications of your financial statement as it relates to financing.

We know what financial institutions are looking for from health care practices. For more information on financing your practice, visit this page.

Planning Your Future

Financial statements are a key part of business and tax planning.

The analysis of your financial statements forms the basis of goal setting and developing strategies for accomplishing your goals. You must know where you are before you can determine how to get where you're going.

If you're looking to achieve dramatic results from your practice, we can work with you to help you set goals and create strategies, and source the outside professionals you might need.

Setting Up or Buying a Practice

Whether you are starting up a new practice, or purchasing an existing one, projected financial statements are a critical component of your business plan package. It's key that the financial statements are consistent with the business plan. For more information on business start ups, visit this page.

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